Wednesday, October 12, 2011


It's been a little while since I posted so I thought I'd better update on all my recent goings on and makings!

October is birthday time in my family, my dad and sister have their birthdays 10 days apart so at the weekend we had a family day to celebrate their birthdays. I wanted to make some birthday bunting items so I made some cake bunting with matching cupcake flags and a personalised scrapbook for my sister as it is her 21st, and I just think it is wonderful to have a keepsake from big birthdays!

(Sorry if the photos look like they need cropping and editing.. they do.. but I can't get photoshop to work properly to do it, so unedited photos will have to do!)

In other news, I'm back at LCC doing my final year of my degree.. so you will probably be seeing a lot of sketchbooks like this one!

I'm just starting work on my first project, I have chosen to do a self initiated project first and I am looking at the logo, identity and branding of the dance school I used to dance at. I am working with dancers, teachers, ex-dancers and anyone who wants to get involved with the project to try and come up with the outcomes right for the school. I have created a blog for the project so it is easy to share ideas and interact with everyone. To keep up to date with this project visit

I'm also still going crazy with the making!

New styles now available in my Etsy shop iheartrosie

Braided fabric bracelet with heart charm

Braided fabric headbands - single or double