Thursday, January 5, 2012

Goodbye 2011, Hello 2012

Shortly after my last post I jetted off to New York City for a week thanks to my wonderful boyfriend! Like many people out there I LOVE New York! It's a fantastic place all the time but just before Christmas it is so magical!

To add to my adventures before jetting off to New York I visited Gent in Belgium for the weekend, another beautiful place especially in the run up to Christmas!

This was my second year running celebrating my birthday in New York and attending the Etsy staff Holiday Party, so here are a few pictures from my trip! (it's quite hard to pic 'just a few' out of the 1000 photos I took!)

Exploring Brooklyn Bridge Park

The Winter Garden at the World Financial Center, absolutely amazing with lights hanging from palm trees inside the glass house

'One need never leave the confines of New York to get all the greenery one wishes' - Frank O'Hara

The Freedom tower is getting there

View of Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan from Brooklyn Bridge park at night

New York Rangers vs Dallas Stars (my first ever time attending a sports game!)

Pretty Brooklyn Street

More views from Brooklyn Bridge Park across to Manhattan

I had to take a photo of this when I saw it because I couldn't believe the similarity to the South West Trains logo (seen below)

 On the roof of the Etsy office at 1am taking in the spectacular view, you are level with the Manhattan Bridge and traffic and subways go whizzing by beside you and the view over to Manhattan is unbelievable!

My first ever trip to Kate Spade.. 'Live color fully' and they do.. SO MUCH COLOUR!

Amazing Sephora window with paper crafter writing and flowers

The High Line Park - A public park built on a historic freight line elevated above the street on Manhattan's West Side. It's an amazing park, cutting through buildings, old and new and giving you unbelievable views down Manhattan's streets and avenues.

An entire shop of buttons.. heaven.

An entire shop of ribbon.. even more heaven!

Times Square (from a way back as it was so busy stopping or taking pictures was impossible!)

Looking down Avenue of the Americas

Central Park on a sunny (but absolutely freezing) afternoon

I love the look of the worn painted on advertisements on walls

Manhattan Bridge at sunset

Brooklyn Bridge Park at sunset


And then Christmas, New Year takeover and now, back to work. The sad reality of finishing my dissertation for hand-in in 3 weeks time! But I thought I'd finish off with this picture of the wrapping present my mum used. It was apparently very cheap but I really enjoyed the design, simple but very effective!

Now I guess I'd better stop avoiding work and get on! Here's to a great year!