Monday, November 28, 2011

Back Pack to Bike Rack

I've been working on the logo for the charity bike ride 'Back Pack to Bike Rack' over the last week and thought I would share the outcomes.

I was asked to create the logo by a friend who is cycling from L.A. to New York in aid of charity. He will be cycling, unsupported, for around 3 months across mountains, deserts, rolling plains and urban jungles in aid of War Child, Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research, MIND.

Below are the logo designs, there are a few different ones for different mediums and different colour ways for different uses.

This logo is the main logo that will be used for the Facebook page, advertising, etc. In white on black and black on white.


The following 2 logos are simpler square logos for use on Twitter and other online sites.

And finally, the main logo in black and white where monochrome design is needed.

I am also currently working on creating a banner for the blog, a banner that can go over photos during the trip and an animation. I will post them all soon! The logo is also to be used on the clothing for the trip, so it will cross America!

There is also a website in the making, but for now if you want to know more, check out the Facebook page, Twitter or Blog.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Can't believe it's been 6 weeks since I last posted, there has just been so much going on!

What I've been up to
- Dissertation (Has technological development resulted in cultural anxiety)
- Self Initiated Project (VG Dance Design Rebrand)
- Make Project (Keep thinking this is too fun to be a project)
- Etsy shop (Holiday season and it's busy!)
- Making new products

So first up, bought a house, it's beautiful.

I have my own room that I am using as a studio with 2 desks and storage galore. It's brilliant!
(This was a little while ago and it's now in some ways much tidier and in some ways much messier, but I do now have a beautiful floral blind!)

You can keep up to date with my self initiated project VG Dance Design over on it's own blog
Currently going through feedback and fine tuning the logo. Really excited to move onto the colour and application next!

Ahh the make project, this is definitely too fun to be a project! The brief is: 'Make something interesting. Explain how it's made.'

Now I would call myself a maker, I LOVE to make. (as you've probably noticed by my growing Etsy shop!) So this project leapt out at me as something I had to do!

There's a whole long story of how I got here, but I won't bore you with it! I'm looking at the idea of using dissolvable materials in the product I'm making, my tutor pointed out to me how it would be really interesting to apply dissolvable materials to something that you used in wet weather such as a hat or umbrella. This instantly jumped out to me as a great project so I am now working on creating an umbrella that dissolves, changing it's appearing, when water is applied to it.

I'm not sure what the technical name for the fabric is, but when you run it under water it turns to liquid glue and washes away. I have been experimenting with ways to use it..

I researched lace umbrellas as I love the pattern they have and think this would be a great thing to 'appear' when the fabric dissolves. Currently working on samples to achieve this!

I'm looking to make a business card or label that explains how the product is made, with a sample of dissolvable fabric. I've bought these lovely kraft business card sleeve and plan to cut a shape out and replace it with dissolvable fabric.

Finally, Etsy shop and making, it's been busy! Holiday season, Etsy's busiest, is upon us, and I had 6 sales in 2 weeks! So I've been busy not just making the products to post off around the world, but also making shipping postcards to go inside the packages and designing fabric labels to go on the products. Also been making new products, new style bracelets, new fabric keyrings and my favourite heart handwarmers which you put in the microwave and then they keep your fingers toasty warm!

Cute jersey heart handwarmers. 1 minute in the microwave and warm hands for up to an hour!

This next collection was a commission I received on Etsy, I was asked to create 6 heart and 6 tree Christmas decorations from 'Lilly Pulitzer' fabric which the buyer shipped over the from US. 

Another commission up next, again Christmas Decorations, 2 stars and a tree in beautiful Indian fabric. You can buy the Christmas tree from this set on my Etsy shop here.

This set I created for a friend for her 21st Birthday, matching headband and keyring.

Last up, my new shipping cards that I send with a personalised note on the back for each order I send out.

Ah, back to work I get, will post again soon with more design for Make and VG Dance Design projects!