Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Favourite Blogs!

Today I thought I'd post about some of my favourite blogs. I love to read these as often as possible and I thought I would share!

First up is Print and Pattern, I just adore this site, this one I refresh every morning to check was has been posted that day! The site of mostly based around surface design, looking at graphics, textiles, furniture and homeware. Bowie Style posts some amazing pieces, from market leaders such as Paperchase and Heals to freelance designers and new graduates. If you are into surface design this blog is a must for you!

There is also a Print and Pattern book which is a great inspiration source for me and full of fantastic designs and designers! You can purchase the book here from Amazon! Print and Pattern 2 is out in September and you can pre-order it from Amazon here!

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Next up is Design Seeds. This site is all about colour palettes. Jessica uses photography to create colour palettes and post gorgeous images containing the photographs and colour samples. These are beautiful to browse and great for inspiration!

Also available are Design Seeds books, the latest edition is available in 2 parts, here and here. Having used Blurb myself I know that these books must be incredibly beautiful!

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Last up is a new website to me, Plenty of Colour. I just love colour, and this website appeals to me because it is just full of wonderful colourful images!

I love that you can browse through recent entries to drool over beautiful coloured products or if you're looking for things in a particular colour, define your colour and browse that way instead. The variety of coloured images you get, whether it be photography, graphics, textiles, homeware, browsing the colours is great!

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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Today I made..

Bunting Cards!

I was making some baby bunting like I posted about a few months ago, in blues and greens for my mums birthday, and I decided to make a card with stitched on paper bunting to match!

I started out by making this card, which matches the paper bunting I had just made.. I cut small paper triangles, stuck them to the card using double sided tape and then stitched along the top. I left the threads of so it would feel more like the pieces were hanging.

After the success of the first piece I decided to make some more in different colours, so I made this one using plain and patterned turquoise papers..

I opted for a smaller square size, with less flags, I then added the writing 'hi you' to make it a friendly greeting card for all occasions.

For this card I used patterned pink paper mixed with lined brown paper, I love the mix of textures in the papers.

Finally I made another small square card, this time reading 'thank you'. I used plain pink and turquoise papers mixed with lined brown paper. The pink coming off around the letters was accidental, where the backing of the letraset pulled it away, but I think this actually gives a nice rustic effect!

Monday, July 11, 2011

I love post!

I love receiving things in the post! Particularly surprises but also pretty things that I have bought and then forget are coming!

On Saturday I found this lovely arrival in my letterbox! I bought these lovely kraft heart stickers from Knot & Bow on Etsy and it was so exciting to open them, the envelope was addressed beautifully and sealed with a gold heart sticker, and then inside there was a brown paper bag hand printed with Knot & Bow's logo, again sealed with a gold heart sticker.

It took a while to open as I admired each layer as I went along, and the product did not disappoint, the set of stickers were beautifully designed and packaged inside. Below are a few pictures of the wonderful packaging and stickers.

Now to find some good places to stick my beautiful stickers!

Summer City

I've never used Polyvore before but thought I'd give it a go and put some pretty pieces together! I love the colours and flowers in this piece!
Summer City

Vila knee high dress
£35 -

Antik Batik clear shoes
$225 -

Miu Miu bow handbag
£710 -

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Watercress Signage

At the weekend I visited the Croudace Watercress development in Alton, Hampshire that I designed the logo and identity for. It was great to see the logo big and shiny on the signs and also great to see how Octavia the graphic designer at Croudace had adapted the logo for different signs.

Below are a few snaps of the signs at the development.