Monday, March 26, 2012

Custom printed fabrics

I posted a while ago about how Spoonflower was an amazing service and how I wanted to get some of my own designs printed on fabric, but I never had the time or opportunity to do it, until now!

I've been working on the YCN Marks & Spencers Picnic Project, and decided to tackle it by designing a pattern and identity for the entire range. I wanted to do a fun family picnic with a healthy theme, to promote healthy eating. I will post about the entire project later when everything is finished but for now just wanted to share the designs I have just sent off to get printed on fabric!

I designed an apple pattern, with bright summery colours, fun patterns and textures and a healthy fruit theme, shown below is the tile and repeat.

I also designed a textured stripe pattern using the same colours to compliment the apple print, shown below is the tile and repeat.

I just love the feeling of summer and happiness these designs bring to me! It's been fantastic working on them and I can't wait to receive the printed fabric, and make something with it, which I will of course share!

You can view my fabrics on Spoonflower here, they are not yet for sale but hopefully once I've received mine and am happy with it, it will be available for anyone to buy.. how exciting!

Friday, March 23, 2012


I've been meaning to post about Pinterest for ages but have been so busy with work! It's just 6 weeks until final hand in for my degree today.. EEEK. Too much to do is an understatement! But having joined Pinterest a few months ago I have found it has been great inspiration for my projects, I have created a board for each of my projects, in fact sometimes two, and used them as research and inspiration boards throughout the projects. It's great to find likeminded people and share things! So I thought I would share a snippet of those boards!

I have a lot of boards, but will just post a few screenshots of some of my design based boards. You can follow me by clicking on the link below! Really will post some design work soon, PROMISE!

Follow Me on Pinterest

Follow Me on Pinterest

Friday, March 9, 2012

I don't normally post about clothes..

but I felt these beautiful items, that make an amazing outfit, deserved their own post!

This outfit makes me SO excited for warm sunny weather!

Design work update coming soon!