Wednesday, February 2, 2011

One awesome receipt!

Just thought I'd post some pictures of an awesome receipt I received a few weeks ago.. I didn't realise it until I got it home and unpacked my goods but the back of my H&M receipt had a beautiful pattern on it!

All I'm wondering is.. Why can't all receipts be this beautiful?

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

With a little heart..

I thought I'd post a couple of other handmade goodies that I'd made but not listed on Etsy as one was made especially for a friend as a birthday present and the other especially for another friend as asked me to!

First up is the heart hanging I made for a friend for her birthday, there are 5 hearts of 2 designs on a piece of cord with a loop at the top to hang it by

Here you can see the hearts hanging down

Close up of 1st design

Close up of 2nd design

To complete the gift I can give a keying in either pattern

Second is similar as another friend saw the first creation and said 'can you make me one too!' So I set out making one for her this time using just one fabric design, again with 5 hearts and this time hanging on a piece of ribbon with a loop at the top to hang it by

Close up of the hearts hanging

Can also be teamed up with either single hanging heart or keyring in the same style

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