Monday, May 30, 2011

Just found..


I designed this motif a couple of months ago but forgot to ever post it.

It was just when I was thinking about good designs for screenprinting that I remembered this so decided to dig it out and post it! I'm going to try and screenprint it soon as I think it would work really well..

Below is the motif I created..

I then realised the motif would work well in reverse colour..

And also in a 9x9 repeat, I used 9 different colours..

9 pink hearts..

9 turquoise hearts..

And finally the 9x9 repeat in reverse purple colour way..

Going to put this on my USB so I'm ready to print it when given time!

Professional Placement Report Preview

Recently I had to produce a 'Professional Placement Report' as part of the final assessment for my Diploma in Professional Studies. These are a few screen shots of the design as a preview and hopefully in a few days when the finished book arrives I can post some pictures of the final thing.

The cover -
You may recognise this from a pattern I posted a few months ago, I restyled the pattern with the colours I had used inside the book, with the repeated pattern on the back and one motif at an angle of the front cover.

Contents page-
I used the turquoise colour for the contents page, with an introduction and about on the left page and contents page on the right

Spreads 1 & 2 -
I chose green for the section about Croudace, featuring some of my work and a photo from launch day

Spread 3 -
I used purple for the artdesignetc spreads, featuring screenshots from the website

Spreads 5 & 6
Pink had to be the colour for iheartrosie on Etsy, featuring images of products I have made

Spread 8 -
I chose a nice neutral colour for Dorling Kindersley, with images of projects I worked on and a full page image of the view from the office because it was so fantastic!

Print Club London

On Sunday I had an induction to the studio at Print Club London before starting doing some work printing for them. To introduce me to the studio the technician asked me to quickly find a design that would work well as one colour so I could practice putting the image onto the screen and print it and to get to know where everything is located in the studio.

This design was something I grabbed from my USB that I had made for a screenprinting project at uni last year but then never had the chance to print, so I was quite excited at the prospect of printing it!

This is the studio

Some of the screens

A print for Nike football

Print Club London apron

My design printed on tracing paper, sitting on the lightbox to find any printing defects in the image

My design on the screen after printing

My prints on the drying rack

Below one of my prints where it got over inked at one end, I actually quite like the way this turned out!

One of my finished prints

It was a great to get to print my design and get to know the studio, being in the studio has inspired me to design some more designs for screenprinting so expect to see some over the next few weeks!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Today I made..

Fabric bowls!

Whilst browsing Etsy I saw some really beautiful fabric bowls and thought.. I'd like to do that! So I found an online tutorial, grabbed myself some cord and strips of fabric and away I went. I used the tutorial by Linda Permann on which you can find HERE!

Technically you are supposed to use cotton 'clothesline' but this doesn't seem to exist in the UK, so instead I used piping cord. Picked up 3 metres of 5mm cord from John Lewis, at £1 a metre, thought this wasn't too bad but as I started to swirl round making the bowl I realised that 3 metres wasn't going to go very far! Each of the small bowls below measure about 3 inches across at the top and are approximately 1 inch tall, they took 1.5 metres of cord each to make! So if you're going to try this make sure you have lots of cord before you start!

So simple! All you need is a sewing machine, some cord and few bits of fabric, you can use bits of different fabrics if you want to mix the colours up!

I've ordered 100M of cord so will be making some larger bowls when that arrives and will upload some more pictures!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Today I made..


I've wanted to make bunting for ages, but as I was short on time in making this before a friends birthday, I decided to make the bunting out of paper instead of fabric. Also decided to make small bunting that could be posted easily to arrive the next day.

I cut out small paper triangles, approximately 5x6cm. The patterned triangles are made from wrapping paper, bought from Primark for just £1! (bargain!) I cut twice as many triangles as I needed and stuck them back to back to make them sturdier. I also cut out pink, purple, turquoise, blue and orange triangles to add some variety. These were made using A5 Paperchase Spectrascope pad, the most useful pad of paper I've ever purchased. Can be purchased at Paperchase here..

Below you can see the full length of the bunting, I just cut out a random amount of triangles and started sewing, it turned out to be quite a lot. The bunting ended up approximately 3.7m long!

I used one plain coloured triangle between each patterned triangle..

I placed the triangles into folded ribbon and then sewed along the edge to hold it all together..

It looked so cute when I hung it up on my wall that I wanted to keep it!

If you are interested in purchasing some of my bunting, it is available through my Etsy shop iheartrosie. It is completely customisable, I have a vast range of papers and ribbons, please do contact me if interested.

I hope that my friend enjoys it and has a lovely birthday!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Watercress Brochure

This is a brochure I worked on while I was working at Croudace Homes. I designed the cover and chose the colours and fonts for the brochure as well as placing some of the images. It was so exciting to receive the finished brochure a few weeks ago. The brochure was completed by ex-colleague Octavia Winrow.

Here are a few pictures of the brochure. I am really pleased with how it has come out!