Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Visit to The Design Museum

Today we visited Brit Insurance Designs of the Year 2010, Sustainable Futures and Urban Africa at The Design Museum. So much to see I could hardly take it all in..

Brit Insurance Designs of the Year 2010

So this is the 2010 winner, the Folding UK Plug by a previous graduate of my degree at LCC, Min-Kyu Choi. It is so small and folds so beautifully it is incredible! I hope they introduce these, bulky plugs drive me insane!

We also saw some amazing designs, fashion pieces, rainbow boo
ks, architecture designs, rotating pandas and the BMW concept car.

The pandas were quite scary with little red LED eyes and they followed you as you moved around the room! The BMW concept car was amazing, so smooth and such incredible lines but we couldn't work out how you would open the door, but were sure they was some fancy was of opening the door to get in! It looked like it was made entirely of material but without touching it it was hard to tell what it was made from!

Next we saw this design about the problems in Zimbabwe, and the effects it's having on the country's newspaper the Zimbabwean, even without much political know
ledge it was easy to see that they are clearly struggling in Zimbabwe.
This piece carved into wood was beautiful, the texture was amazing and gave such an impact! The use of many different typefaces, shapes, sizes and engraving or carving made lovely comparisons.

This piece seemed quite insignificant in comparison to other bigger and more eye-catching pieces but as I read into it I could not believe the things it could do! You can read up about Kyoto products online here:

Finally we found this piece, which was a like a giant abacus, but the beads had little red LED's on and you could make shapes and patterns using the lights, shown here by Louise Organ and Birsen Husseyin.

I also have pictures from Sustainable Futures and Urban Africa which I will post at a later date..

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