Friday, December 3, 2010

This is where I have been hiding for the past 3 months..

So the reason I've not really been very active for the last 3 months is that I have been very busy working for Croudace Homes Group

Here is a quick look at some of the things I got up to whilst I was there..

When I started the Graphic Designer was just working on rebranding the company.. So i assisted with this and with other everyday tasks such as adverts, leaflets and brochures. Here are a few photos from the rebrand

The girls sporting the new company colours on launch day:
Playing with the new company branded Rubick's cubes:
The newly branded company mug I worked on:
The newly branded company keyring:
With the rebrand of the company came redesigning adverts, brochures, booklets.. Such as the published advert below:
And invitations to open weekends:
And brochures for new developments:

This doesn't show the half of what I got up to in my 3 months at Croudace, but just a little sample of the work I did while I was there. I had a brilliant 3 months, learnt loads and made some good friends a long the way!

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