Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Surtex Prep Update

I've been super busy lately planning and preparing for Surtex so I thought I'd do a little update of where I'm at!

Don't forget, I'll be in Booth #250!

Surtex has turned me into a list and spreadsheet crazy woman! I'm keeping myself organised and on target with goals, lists and spreadsheets.

I've booked my booth, made many many spreadsheets, budgets, quotes and more! I've got a list of friends booths and designers I would like to visit, lists and lists of things I need to do and get, business cards, banners, postcards, and of course loads and loads of work!

A few things that are really helping me through:

- Khristian A. Howell eBooks and Trade Show Checklist
- Todoist · An online task management and to-do list app. This allows you to add tasks, within different projects, with due dates and creates a productivity graph as you tick items off!
- iDoneThis · Great software for recording what you've done each day, so you can see what you've achieved so far not just what you've got left to go!
- Surtex Webinars from Elizabeth Olwen and Tara Reed
- The Surtex show manual and adding all the important dates to my Todoist Calendar
- Lots and lots of organisation
- Targets!

Hope to be back soon with more to share!

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