Thursday, September 1, 2011

Amy King Fabrics

I love browsing Spoonflower for wonderful fabrics. This morning I was once again browsing and rediscovered the amazing fabrics by Amy King. They are just so jolly and colourful and I absolutely love them! So I thought I would share some of her designs with you!

Below are fabrics from the Linear Love Collection, this leaves fabric is one of my favourite fabrics, EVER!
The wonderful Scream for Ice Cream fabric
In The Woods Hearts
In The Woods Apple
Dont Want To Be Fish Fingers fabric
2 fabrics from the Rainy London Collection

This final piece of fabric is not just a beautiful piece of fabric, this piece of Elephant Mobile Fabric creates the mobile shown below when cut out, stuffed and pieced together. This is such a wonderful idea and only involves simple sewing making this brilliant project accessible to all!

You can view Amy's Spoonflower shop here and her flickr steam here. All images © Amy King

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