Monday, September 26, 2011

Etsy Treasuries.. Again!

I just love making treasuries! I have found so much good stuff over the past few weeks making treasuries!

Today I was inspired to make one about knitted called 'Lets get knitting' (yes still on that obsessive knit phase!) Etsy UK are looking for treasuries to go on the UK Etsy homepage, so I made one that fitted to their guidelines in the hope of making it on the homepage! You can read up about the Etsy UK treasuries guidelines here.

UPDATE: Today 29th September, my 'lets get knitting' treasury is on the Etsy UK homepage! If you live in the UK and want to set your homepage to the UK homepage, at the bottom of the page select English (UK) and United Kingdom.

Lets get knitting

You can see all my treasury lists here.

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