Saturday, October 27, 2012

I discovered..

.. fonts for peas.

Every now and then I like to have a bit of a font downloading marathon.. during my latest marathon I discovered fonts for peas.

Fonts for Peas is home to over 500 of the cutest and most unique handwriting fonts on the 'net! I take *your* submitted handwriting samples and turn them into fonts. Then I upload all the fonts here so you can download them- all for free!

So not only can you download awesome cute fonts (for FREE!), but you can submit your own handwriting samples to be made into fonts! There are pages and pages of cute hand drawn fonts..

Lots of the fonts also come with cute little doodle illustrations using special characters!

One of my favourite fonts is Pea Mily Mix. I love it's relaxed style and adorable heart, kisses and butterfly illustrations, can't wait to use it in a design!

Go and check out fonts for peas and download some of their lovely fonts! Or why not submit your own!

Images and fonts copyright Kevin & Amanda