Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Pattern Find - Betty & Walter

Sometimes my passion for pattern can be difficult to live with, I'll spot an amazing pattern on a dress across the street or a handbag in a supermarket but never know who made it or where it came from. The latter happened the other day, I spotted an amazing handbag but I didn't want to interrupt the lady doing her shopping to ask where it was from. Then by chance a picture came up on Instagram and it was a small purse in the same print, at last I found out who made it! I was overjoyed to finally find out!

It turns out the bag is made by Betty & Walter, a lifestyle brand with patterns by Lisa Levis, seen below!

Isn't it gorgeous?! The pattern is called Sgt. Pepper, a 60's inspired print, with a bold colourful floral blooms. There are other products in the pattern shown below, only problem is now I want them all! 

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