Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Today I made..

Bunting Cards!

I was making some baby bunting like I posted about a few months ago, in blues and greens for my mums birthday, and I decided to make a card with stitched on paper bunting to match!

I started out by making this card, which matches the paper bunting I had just made.. I cut small paper triangles, stuck them to the card using double sided tape and then stitched along the top. I left the threads of so it would feel more like the pieces were hanging.

After the success of the first piece I decided to make some more in different colours, so I made this one using plain and patterned turquoise papers..

I opted for a smaller square size, with less flags, I then added the writing 'hi you' to make it a friendly greeting card for all occasions.

For this card I used patterned pink paper mixed with lined brown paper, I love the mix of textures in the papers.

Finally I made another small square card, this time reading 'thank you'. I used plain pink and turquoise papers mixed with lined brown paper. The pink coming off around the letters was accidental, where the backing of the letraset pulled it away, but I think this actually gives a nice rustic effect!

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