Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Today I made..


I've wanted to make bunting for ages, but as I was short on time in making this before a friends birthday, I decided to make the bunting out of paper instead of fabric. Also decided to make small bunting that could be posted easily to arrive the next day.

I cut out small paper triangles, approximately 5x6cm. The patterned triangles are made from wrapping paper, bought from Primark for just £1! (bargain!) I cut twice as many triangles as I needed and stuck them back to back to make them sturdier. I also cut out pink, purple, turquoise, blue and orange triangles to add some variety. These were made using A5 Paperchase Spectrascope pad, the most useful pad of paper I've ever purchased. Can be purchased at Paperchase here..

Below you can see the full length of the bunting, I just cut out a random amount of triangles and started sewing, it turned out to be quite a lot. The bunting ended up approximately 3.7m long!

I used one plain coloured triangle between each patterned triangle..

I placed the triangles into folded ribbon and then sewed along the edge to hold it all together..

It looked so cute when I hung it up on my wall that I wanted to keep it!

If you are interested in purchasing some of my bunting, it is available through my Etsy shop iheartrosie. It is completely customisable, I have a vast range of papers and ribbons, please do contact me if interested.

I hope that my friend enjoys it and has a lovely birthday!

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