Wednesday, June 20, 2012

My Moo order arrived!

Today my Moo order arrived, I have been eagerly awaiting it and I was not disappointed!

As a print nerd who loves the feel of paper and fantastic printed things it was unbelievably exciting for me to receive such amazing quality pieces, both in the print and the smooth glossy but not shiny paper stock.

Below are a few photos of my order, I ordered mini cards and stickers for my Etsy shop iheartrosie, the mini cards I will be using as mini business to hand out to people and also as tags (will upload photos of these when I have made them, they're gonna look AWESOME!) The stickers are for packaging, which I think will add a nice personalised touch to them :)

Finally I ordered business cards for myself, Rosie Simons Graphic and Surface Design. I paid extra to have the rounded corner business cards but it really adds to the design and makes them a beautiful object!


So happy and would thoroughly recommend Moo and their products! You can read about their wonderful silky matte laminate paper stock here


  1. so beautiful! gosh design me some, they are soooo cute!!

    1. Ahh thanks Rach! If you ever want any you know where to come, always willing! I actually just got some more today, check them out!