Monday, July 23, 2012

Yet more Moo

As I told you on Friday I received yet more yummy pieces from the wonderful, not only did I receive my own lovely new pieces but also business cards and stickers that I created for a client.

The client wanted a logo and identity for their cupcake business, which I created and then produced business cards and stickers. Andrea's cupcakes offer DELICIOUS cupcakes for all occasions and are going to be running cupcake parties, which I am currently working on flyers for, so more to come soon!

There is also a website and blog in the pipeline and of course social media outlets, so keep your eyes peeled!

Below are a few photos of the business cards and stickers from I love how you can have many different backs on your cards from Moo (like on my minicards) which we took advantage of by using photos of cupcakes made by Andrea herself and showing how fantastic the product is!

All images copyright Rosie Simons

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