Friday, July 20, 2012

Another exciting delivery from Moo!

I recently took advantage of the 30% off summer sale at Moo and ordered myself some mini cards and stickers. The previous items I ordered were so fantastic I thought it would be good to have a smaller less formal card to give out to people with my website and twitter on, so ordered a pack of minicards, with 8 different designs on the backs, 6 of my best/favourite surface designs and 2 traditional backs like my existing Moo business cards.

Again amazed by the quality, appearance, feel and attention to detail of Moo products. The colours have some out perfectly, the paper stock feels incredible and they come so beautifully packaged too!

I also ordered a client's business cards and stickers from Moo and they have also arrived so expect a post of more Moo gorgeousness next week!

I absolutely adore the mini cards with a selection of my designs on the back, it's like a mini portfolio!


All images and designs copyright Rosie Simons

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