Friday, January 18, 2013

Feature Friday - Jenean Morrison

Today I bring you the first feature friday of 2013, and boy oh boy is it a good one!

I introduce to you, Jenean Morrison. Jenean is a surface designer and painter living in Memphis, Tennessee.

I've been aware of Jenean's gorgeous work for a few years now and LOVE to browse her site Perfectly Patterned.

There are so many gorgeous designs I had trouble choosing some to share!

I had the pleasure of having a quick chat with Jenean on Twitter this week, so thank you Jenean for letting me share your fabulous work on my blog! It's been a pleasure.

Last but not least I share with you, Jenean's fabulous 'Pattern and Design colouring book' available on Amazon

You can find Jenean online here:

Or follow her on Twitter or Facebook!

All images copyright Jenean Morrison 2013


  1. Rosie, thank you so much for this kind feature!! I really appreciate it! And wow, I LOVE the background to your site!! Beautiful!