Monday, May 30, 2011

Print Club London

On Sunday I had an induction to the studio at Print Club London before starting doing some work printing for them. To introduce me to the studio the technician asked me to quickly find a design that would work well as one colour so I could practice putting the image onto the screen and print it and to get to know where everything is located in the studio.

This design was something I grabbed from my USB that I had made for a screenprinting project at uni last year but then never had the chance to print, so I was quite excited at the prospect of printing it!

This is the studio

Some of the screens

A print for Nike football

Print Club London apron

My design printed on tracing paper, sitting on the lightbox to find any printing defects in the image

My design on the screen after printing

My prints on the drying rack

Below one of my prints where it got over inked at one end, I actually quite like the way this turned out!

One of my finished prints

It was a great to get to print my design and get to know the studio, being in the studio has inspired me to design some more designs for screenprinting so expect to see some over the next few weeks!

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