Monday, May 30, 2011

Professional Placement Report Preview

Recently I had to produce a 'Professional Placement Report' as part of the final assessment for my Diploma in Professional Studies. These are a few screen shots of the design as a preview and hopefully in a few days when the finished book arrives I can post some pictures of the final thing.

The cover -
You may recognise this from a pattern I posted a few months ago, I restyled the pattern with the colours I had used inside the book, with the repeated pattern on the back and one motif at an angle of the front cover.

Contents page-
I used the turquoise colour for the contents page, with an introduction and about on the left page and contents page on the right

Spreads 1 & 2 -
I chose green for the section about Croudace, featuring some of my work and a photo from launch day

Spread 3 -
I used purple for the artdesignetc spreads, featuring screenshots from the website

Spreads 5 & 6
Pink had to be the colour for iheartrosie on Etsy, featuring images of products I have made

Spread 8 -
I chose a nice neutral colour for Dorling Kindersley, with images of projects I worked on and a full page image of the view from the office because it was so fantastic!

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