Friday, June 3, 2011

This week at Print Club London

This week I have been working at Print Club London.

The first few days were spent working on this print which Fred, print club's managing director, designed and is now making prints which will be sold at the Royal Academy of the Arts Summer Show. Here are a few details about the original print and about the Royal Academy's Summer Show where the work will feature.

Below is Joe printing the image

4 colours are used across the screen in one pull, creating lovely gradients inbetween and many different coloured butterflies

We printed on white first to make sure the colours and gradients were right

And then onto the blue

This is not the final print, infact just 3 layers out of 5, so you will have to pop down to the show if you want to see the finished piece where 40 limited edition prints will be for sale

The colours were great and really vibrant and I loved how the coloured spoons looked!

Later in the week I worked a workshop, which I don't have any photos of as my hands were full with helping people taking part, screens and covered in ink all day! I'd never really taught before so it was a really exciting experience to help teach screen printing to people who had never done it before and really valued your help and opinion.

Hopefully will be going back to work on an upcoming project for Heaps Good who work to promote Australian creativity in the UK. Life is their debut UK exhibition that will be hosted at 1st - 6th July East Gallery, just above the Print Club Shop on Brick Lane in London. Check out the Print Club page for more information.

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