Monday, June 6, 2011

Etsy Favourites

I LOVE Etsy favourites.

Since setting up my shop I browse Etsy most days, looking for things I like and over the last few months I have built up quite a collection of favourites. The other day I was browsing my favourites and realised that favourites is actually a really nice way to see someones personality. You can see their style and favourite colours and items coming though.

Below are the first 2 pages of my favourite items, if you know me, you can probably tell how me this is, if not I think this gives you a good introduction to me! As you can probably see I like pinks, purples and blues and flowers, hearts, bows and butterflies. I also love fabrics and paper, printed, cuts, stationary items, tape, typography and geeky graphics items..

You can view my favourites here or my Etsy shop iheartrosie

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