Thursday, June 16, 2011

Today I made..

Two things!

First up, a little cosy case for my phone! I've been asked to make a tablet case and I decided to make a small one first incase my technique for making it went totally wrong! I didn't want to waste loads of fabric!

I sewed a pouch using white fleece for the inside and a very slightly larger pouch for the outside using floral jersey material and then sewed the two together to make a nice neat top.

My phone is super cosy now!

Second thing I made was a fabric photo frame. Someone asked me if I could make a pretty fabric photo frame so I said, I'll give it a go! And this is my prototype! It actually worked really well, next time I will make the hole very slightly smaller as the photo only just tucks behind the edge!

The tutorial I used to make it was this one by how about orange although I couldn't work out how she made the back so I made that bit up myself! And I am now considering whether to attach magnets or a ribbon so it can hang.

It's been quite a successful day! Now to make more frames in different fabrics and a bigger tablet cosy!

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