Friday, November 2, 2012

Feature Friday - Mel Smith Designs

Today I am introducing a new feature.. Feature Friday.

I thought it would be really nice to dedicate a day on the blog to featuring designers I know and/or whose work I admire! I mean who doesn't love some gorgeous work on a Friday?

Today our *first* featured designer is..

Mel Smith Designs

I first came across Mel's work on Society6 where the design below from her 'bold & beautiful' collection caught my eye. Mel like me is a massive fan of colour and I love her use of it. This pattern really does make my heart sing!

Mel describes her style and process of working..

"My work is quite graphic but I like to keep a hand drawn feel to it all. Everything starts as quick doodles, later tidied up with neater sketches and then finally scanned into Photoshop for recolouring and creating my patterns. I could change the colour of some of my designs all day - I think colour grabs my attention first when I'm looking around shops - and think this aspect of the design is just as important as the pattern itself, if not more sometimes."

"I love retro graphics and mid-century design, as well as the whole Scandinavian look, so I think all of these styles are incorporated into my work in one way or another."

 Mel sells handmade greetings cards, magnets, buttons, earrings, rings, notebooks and more in her Etsy store

"My Bold &  beautiful and Black Border ranges have been received well in recent months and I have a variety of handmade products available in these designs. I also have wallpapers, iPhone cases, canvases, and laptop skins available from online shops and Society6" (links below)

Mel is currently open to/looking for commissioned work, so please contact her via her website.

Hope everyone enjoyed the first feature friday! Thanks Mel for sharing your work with us! If anyone is interested in having their work featured in the coming weeks please contact me on twitter (@rosie_simons)

All images copyright Mel Smith Designs

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