Friday, September 21, 2012

Ikat Inspiration

Ikat designs have been around for a while now and although they have been on my radar and I have been aware that they are there I haven't been particularly drawn to them.. until now.

I was browsing American Eagle and discovered some incredible Ikat denim shorts.. then some pretty ikat dresses and finally some gorgeous ikat scarves..

I love the shapes and the textures used in ikat prints, there's something very modern about them but they still have a natural feel.

I've shared some of the lovely examples I found below, enjoy!

Absolutely adore the colour palette and patterns on this scarf, might have to get myself one! Don't be surprised if a colour inspiration post featuring this scarf crops up soon! I could do a post alone of the gorgeous American Eagle scarves! So many loves patterns and colours! Pretty scarves are making me excited for autumn!

All images copyright American Eagle

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